Before you commit, we’ll discuss legal fees - so you know what you’re up for.

We understand costs can be a big pill to swallow. So, we offer solutions to wash it down. Your first meeting is discounted. We bill as we go. We offer extra time to pay. We ask the other party to contribute. We assess your eligibility for legal aid and help you apply.

We watch our legal time closely, and weigh it up against the results you expect. We talk to you throughout.  

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“Dear David, thanks so much for your tremendous effort and getting us such a good result. You showed professionalism and you were awesome! I’m looking forward to moving on with my life, very kindest regards.”

– M, Hastings

“Belinda, I was happy to settle this matter once and for all and put it behind us. Thanks for all that you have done to resolve this matter for us.”

– W, Central Hawke's Bay

“We truly appreciate everything you’ve done for us over the past 5 months. We’re relieved the nightmare of this situation is now at rest. Thanks for everything David.”

– G, Havelock North

“Belinda, thank you so much for all your hard work on this, it's hugely appreciated.”

– T, Napier

“Belinda, thank you for your help with this, I’m definitely feeling more confident about attending the meeting with you representing me.”

– K, Hastings

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